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Unlocking value in stranded assets to deliver high, stable returns to investors. 




Tri-State Capital Partners ("TCP") acquires stranded assets and provides its portfolio companies with the capital, customers, and resources they need to fuel their success.

It's a formula for delivering high, sustainable dividends to investors. 


Acquiring Stranded Assets

As entrepreneurs and operators, we understand the struggle that many micro- and small-cap* companies go through to raise capital. The struggle can be compounded when operating in out-of-favor sectors, or during times of distress. These are the companies overlooked by private equity firms, family offices, and investment banks - often despite strong cash flows and earnings power. 


We call this group of companies "Stranded Assets".

TCP acquires stranded assets with high potential, and provides the capital, customers, and resources needed to succeed.


  • High, stable dividend distributions

  • A low-volatility stock

High, Stable Returns

To monetize these assets we have formed a limited partnership called Tri-State Capital Partners LP ("TCP"). Soon to be publicly-traded, TCP is structured to offer investors: 


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*market value of less than $50M




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